Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lot for Sale in Avida Tayabas, Quezon

My friend is selling their lot in Avida Tayabas, Quezon. Below are the details:

Welcome to Avida Communities Quezon...

Avida communities in Quezon provide an affordable way to own a comfortable home in a peaceful community that secures your hard-earned money.

Three communities in one strategic location in a 95-hectare development. Located in a zoned residential area of booming Isabang, Lucena City near the boundary of Tayabas, just minutes away from Lucena City proper, Avida Communities Quezon develops and maintains residential communities that set industry standards, promote growth of property values and enhance the well-being of its residents and environment.

Your future is part of our masterplan... A home for everyone. Find the one that fits your needs and suits your tastes... at Avida Communities Quezon...

Lot Area: 181 square meters
Location: next to corner lot in Avocado Street, near Clubhouse II, Sta Isabel Village, Avida Tayabas, Quezon (from Lucena City - bayan you can ride to a jeep going to Isabang and you can see the big Signage of Avida)
Price: Php 4,500.00 per square meter

If you are interested just email me at ogssalvania@gmail.com
Hanggang sa muli! =)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two Storey ZEN house for Sale in Lucena City back of SM - Plan Design

My description below identifies the use and function of the areas and these are only my ultra magnetic wild imaginations:

Having arrived home by car, children can immediately turn left and go upstairs and in a few paces they are in their bedrooms and rumpus room to drop off their school bags and change their clothes.

Mom or Dad leave the garage and can walk inside the spacious living room where they can take some time to rest or they can continue past the living and dining room to the kitchen to drop off the grocery.

Notice the kitchen window placement, with the sunlight and garden views through rear windows as well as service door access to the garden space makes you feel happy and energetic and inspired.

Transfer you examination of this plan to the placement of bedrooms on the the second floor. The master bedroom enjoys the patio and garage views from the balcony. Full height narrow aluminum swing door to the room add extra light to the bedroom. In addition the main bedroom has its own toilet. 

This arrangement of the room allows parents privacy, but is also near enough for children who have their sleep disturbed in the night, to access the parents’ room or be heard if they cry out in the silence of the night. 

And of course we must consider welcoming and entertaining guests. You can see my favorite ‘line of sight’ from the front door through to the real sunlight of the service/garden area. Visiting guests can be entertained in the living room.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Construction Estimate: Steel Grilles for Main Door and Balcony Door

My sister asked me to fabricate steel grilles for the two doors of her house in Lucena City and I'am going to show you the actual construction estimates (actual quantity used) and costs so you will not get fooled by a trade contractors or welder. I hired one skilled (welder) and one helper (my brother) to do the job. Here's the breakdown of materials to be used:

For the Labor cost, I estimated that they will finish the job in two weeks and this is a conservative assumption because I don't know what their capabilities are, at least for now. Here's the breakdown for the cost of the labor:

Welder - Php 350 x 12days = Php 4,200.00
Helper - Php 250 x 12days =  Php 3,000.00

So the total cost of the project is Php 12,567.00